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Best-Looking Compact SUVs You Can Buy In 2021

Buying an inexpensive car that is brand new needs a little more research. This is helpful since you do not end up with an expensive car because of maintenance. There are so many cheap cars in the market which can entice you because of their fuel-efficient. These cars help those who cannot drive expensive cars enjoy the ride without more pocket strain.

Many people consider choosing a car in the SUV segment even if it is not the best segment economically. When buying a car in the SUV segment, I would like to advise you to factor in appearance. Today it is easier to get behind the wheel of a cheap but comfortable car, especially cheap SUVs.

There are SUVs with few rules such as only one car per automaker, they are beautiful in shape, affordable price range, base model, and compact SUV that are being produced to date.

Here are the top ten cheapest SUVs that are best looking and still in production.

Jeep Cherokee Latitude FWD

This is the best fifth-generation Jeep which is said to be the ugliest SUVs of all time. It was made in new york the year 2013 and launched its sales in the year 2014. Today this Jeep has sold over one million cars in America. This is a great sale considering many people complained of its front end. The recent 2021 Jeep Cherokee has redeemed itself very well. It is available in seven different colors and with optional four-wheel drive. It has a great cargo space that provides a maximum of 54.7-cubic-feet. It has an estimated fuel usage of 22/31/26 mpg (city/hwy/ combined), it has a continuously variable automatic transmission, an engine of 2.4 liter I-4/180 hp & 171 lb-ft to be specific.

Subaru Forester

This is an all-wheel-drive machine. It has a five-passenger capacity where they can sit comfortably with a very generous legroom of front and rear passengers. The 2020 model won a five-star safety rating and many people recommend it when it comes to safety. The offroad and rugged forester are the best models which carried the day among Subaru SUVs.

It has extra features for safety measures such as a tire pressure monitoring system, eyesight driver package-assist, a brake override system, and vehicle dynamics control. This car has a continuously variable automatic transmission speed with average fuel economy.

GMC Terrain FWD SL

This is a front-wheel-drive that comes in four trim grades that includes Denali version which is a luxurious one. This model we don’t hear a lot about it but it a great car. It is fuel-efficient and has a turbocharged engine and a 9-speed automatic transmission

Honda CR-V 2WD LX

This is a fifth-gen production car that has been in production since 1995 and reached its highest sales in 2019. In all the 8 models this is the most affordable. It has standard driver assistance which is a technology that helps in lane-keeping, high-beam headlights which are auto, cruise control that is adaptive, and a blind spot system.

Mazda CX-5 Sport

This is also a model that has seen an increase in sales for the past five years. It has a steering wheel that is leather-wrapped, and an infotainment system of a 10-inch screen, and great safety technology features.

Volkswagen Tiguan S

This 2022 model is already on sale in Europe. It has a third-row seat giving a capacity of about seven passengers. It has some common standard modern safety measures.

Nissan Rogue S

This is a model that is positioning itself as a champion among the entire Nissan lineup. It has a comfortable legroom and it a front-wheel drive. It is fitted with standard safety equipment.

Another three SUVs you can research are Toyota RAV4 L, Hyundai Santa Fe SE, and Ford Bronco Sport. These models also very affordable and has the latest technology. That was my best top 10 list and I think after researching you will find them the best SUVs too.

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