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Best vehicles for farmers

Farmers have been going through challenges when selecting a suitable vehicle for their farming. The different farmer needs different farming vehicles depending on which type of farming the farmer does. For instance, some farmers need vehicles for loading and offloading animal food like hay grass, others need to transport manure to the farms, others for transporting farm products direct from the farm to the market and many more. Due to those different needs, we found some farmers are not been able to choose the best vehicle which can serve there purpose well as they expect and meet the needs. After been confused for sometimes they end up asking brokers to help them on which best vehicle can meet there needs.
Here are the best farm vehicles which as a farmer can buy and meet your needs.
1.Toyota Hi-Lux
Toyota hi_lux is one of the roughest vehicles which a farmer can use. It is of different types, one for a single and double cab. Most of the farmers recommend it because it is comfortable in the rough road and hilly and steep slopes due to its stability. It is a diesel vehicle engine which has a capacity of up to 3.5 tonnes and others have more. You can have yours with either manual transmission or automatic transmission. Any modern farmer goes for this powerful pickup. It is suitable for farm inputs and products like hay.
2. Ford F150
Ford has been known for over 30 years as one of the best farm vehicles for farmers. It is available in different bed styles like v-6 and V-8. It very comfortable and can even be used on road trips.
3. John Deere 9370R Tractor
John Deere is one of the standard command view cab which offers operator comfort, control placement, ride, and sound quality. It has different features such as; passive noise reduction system, swing-out rear window, open 30 degrees, laminated glass and power strip with a convenience plug adapter.
4. Mitsubishi L200
It is one the best vehicle a farmer is recommended from new version of Mitsubishi models. It is available in the market in a striking blue bodywork and red bodywork. It has a 2442 engine which runs on diesel power with automatic transmission and its exterior and storage space make it ideal for farmer who not only need a serviceable vehicle but wants one that will leave a lasting impression. 5. Massey Ferguson 4610M HC
Massey Ferguson is one of the most commonly used farm vehicle known worldwide for its efficiency and reliability by the farmers. It can handle crops like potatoes, vegetables, and other crops. It is easy to operate and lets you do the job comfortably.
6. JCB Workmax 800D
JCB Workmax 800D is one of the best plant machinery used for farmers for superb production in there farming. It is well known for its durability, productivity and comfortability, hence can transport equipment and materials over rough and turf ground. It also has a capacity of 6 people. JCB Workmax 800D is a diesel engine high/low gearbox 4wheeldrive diff lock, manual tipper. It cal load capacity of up to 600kg and 500kg towing capacity.
7. New Holland tractor
New Holland was the first tractor company in India to offer the most appropriate and advanced range of mechanization solutions to India farmers for improving its productivity and even profitability. It was established in 1996 in India and came up with many benefits to the farmers, one being the efficiency in bulk carriage.
8. Escorts Tractor
Escort is a group of company in India which produce the best tractors for farmers and even other farming machines. Escort tractor has been known for many years as the best tractor to farmers. It has an engine power of 41hp with a cubic capacity of 2339cc and a lifting capacity of 1500kg.

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