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Car innovations that will be a game-changer for our lives

The automotive industry is going crazy with innovations. Our future with cars is about to get better. AI, Solar power, and biometrics are high-tech trends that automotive industries cannot resist. This is a wonderful article about these trends that will make technology make cars behave like robots in the future.

1. The Biometrics

Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR will be the dream car for everyone to be in a parking lot in the coming future. The technology on this machine is on another level since it has implemented the Biometrics. No matter how the technology seems exaggerated, this car may be in showrooms in the future sooner than you think. The design was inspired by the Avatar show. This car can detect your pulse and tell if you are sitting well on your seatback. It can also detect your breathing. The most amazing feature is it does not have a steering wheel. It uses the driver’s palm, with the help of a multifunctional control element, it recognizes what the driver wants the car to do.

This is part of making autonomy become a reality. This means cars will be counter checking if how the drivers are driving the cars. They will sense when the driver is not paying attention, initiate safety systems in case of an accident. It will also adjust infotainment to suit individual passengers needs. Biometrics will play an important role in implementing autonomous cars.

2. Sony’s Vision-S concept

Sony has been in the automobile industry for a while now. It is known for making great sound systems. Sony has not sent a clear signal about what they want with car technology but rumors have it that they may have a fully baked electric car. There are no signs when they are going to offer this car but it might be soon. It has a four-door design that is sleek-looking. The car is still unnamed but it famous for its Vission-S system. It has more than 33 sensors that are placed inside and outside of the vehicle. It has a reliable powerful infotainment systems. The dashboard has more than six screens that dominate the area. The Sony 360 Sound system is dope when streaming movies or playing games.

When a known brand like Sony starts thinking of inventing cars, you can already guess that this will be a game-changer.

3. The Tali Smart Helmet

I know this has caught you as a surprise and you are wondering why a smart helmet. This helmet will benefit both the rider and the passenger. They will make the life of pedestrians and motorists safer. The features of this helmet include high visibility, which comprises of built-in turn signals and high-quality taillights. It can also sync with a smartphone app using Bluetooth helping in giving navigation directions.

4. The Cheap lidar

According to Elon Musk, the lidar is the cornerstone of the future autonomous cars. Laser radar can work magic when it teams up with other sensors from cameras, ultrasonic among others. The goal is to get cheaper and cheaper sensors in the car industry.

5. The Solar-powered cars

This invention has been around for a while now. Unfortunately, the impact on this invention has been pretty minimal. But as the research continues, you may have your car driven by solar power.

6. Car as an ordering system

All technology may not seems realistic and everyone may want to see how this will work. System from general motors can help you order your coffee from the car. This system may rely on your mobile phone to carry out the activity.

7. Smart visors

This one is a bit complicated technology. But, it will be a very beneficial technology. It enables you to see clearly when driving under strong sunrays. It improves the drivers’ visibility.

While this technology seems to be new within the next few decades it might be our norm technology. Many companies are trying their best to invest in these technologies.

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