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Cleaning your Car During Corona Virus

At times such as this, where we are all fighting the novel coronavirus, we have to be very careful how we conduct ourselves in an attempt to wage and win the war against this virus. With the curfews and lockdowns all over the world, cars are not as actively used as before but we cannot deny the fact that cars are still primarily the main form of transport at a time such as this. Even during emergencies related to COVID-19, CARS are what first respondents use to ferry suspected infections. So, what do we do to ensure our cars are clean during this time to avoid any mistakes that could be so costly?

Clean your car as often as possible

Cleanliness is paramount at a time such as this. If your car is used as often as daily then it is vital that it is washed twice as often as you use it. From the exterior to the interior, it is vital to wash it-preferably before and after every trip that you make, especially if you visit a new place or even if you are in contact with any foreign places. To be safe, just wash your car as often as you possibly can.

Use the right materials to clean your car

With the new threat of the virus, you must get the right materials to use in cleaning your car. It is vital to strike a balance between using materials that might damage your car such as using alcohol on vinyl and ensuring that your car is properly cleaned. Visit your local auto dealer to get advice on the best products to use to clean both your interior and exterior without causing damage to your car.

Focus on sensitive areas

There are places on your cars that are more exposed than others. Just like exposed places even at home, there are places on the car that more prone to harboring the virus. This means that one needs to focus on the sensitive areas while doing the cleaning. These areas include places such as the door handles and the steering wheel. These are the most touched places that therefore need extra cleaning and extra attention.

Clean your air filters often

The air filters are what ensure you get clean air into your vehicle. Compromised and unclean air filters mean that the air you are taking up is just as unclean and prone to infections. Appropriately clean your air filters and change them within the recommended time (usually 4-6 months). This will ensure the air brought into the car through the Air Conditioning is clean and safe from any COVID-19 microorganisms.

Use your car responsibly

When you are using your car, ensure you use it responsibly. This means that you ensure there is enough social distancing, even within the car. If you are carrying a passenger from a different place that you are not living with, then ensure there is maximum measures that will help prevent contamination. Have enough disinfectants for all users within the car at all times. On top of that, ensure all your occupants are at all times wearing masks. This will help make your car a safe haven for any and all occupants.

During trying times such as this, we must all be careful in order to garner the strength to beat this virus. I hope when you’ll be reading this, the virus will have been beaten. Either way, always maintain high standards of hygiene for your car whether or not there is a dangerous virus looming in the air. Good hygiene ensures your vehicle maintains its durability as well as being safe for you as an occupant.

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