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Dodge Challenger Muscle Car: America’s Finest

The Dodge Challenger muscle car has long been an icon of the American Dream, and 2017’s new model only promises to improve upon the past. With its powerful engine, sleek design, and comfortable interior, the 2017 Challenger doesn’t just look great – it performs great too! Whether you’re looking to drive through crowded streets or remote back roads, this muscle car will do exactly what you want and more. The Dodge Challenger muscle car never goes out of style, and with features like these, it never will!

History of the Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger is an iconic muscle car that was originally introduced by Dodge in the early 1970s. The original model was powered by a 230-cubic-inch slant six engine and had a top speed of just over 120 miles per hour. It didn’t take long for the first model to sell out and so production resumed soon after with a 305 cubic inch V8 engine.

Features of the Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger is the epitome of an American muscle car. With its classic, yet modern design, the Challenger has the power and performance to back up its good looks. The Challenger offers a range of engines, including a standard 3.6L Pentastar V-6 engine with 305 horsepower and 268 pound-feet of torque that can be upgraded to a HEMI® 5.7L V8 engine with up to 375 horsepower and 410 pound-feet of torque. The Challenger also features a number of driver-assist technologies, such as Blind Spot Monitoring with Rear Cross Path detection, adaptive cruise control, and ParkView rear backup camera. For ultimate safety, all Challengers come equipped with standard safety features like Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC).

Why the Dodge Challenger is America’s Finest Muscle Car

The Dodge Challenger is America’s finest muscle car. It’s a modern throwback to the classic muscle cars of the past, with performance and style that can’t be beat. But what makes the Dodge Challenger so great? Let’s take a look.

The Dodge Challenger is built on a NASCAR-inspired chassis designed to handle both the twists and turns of country roads and the straightaways of city streets. With plenty of power under the hood, it’s no wonder that the Dodge Challenger is America’s finest muscle car. You’ll find all you need for a perfect day on or off the track from its powerful V8 engine to its flexible suspension system.


The Dodge Challenger muscle car has been around for over 40 years, and in that time it has seen a number of changes in design and engineering. One thing that never changes is how many people are drawn to these cars by the power and performance they offer. If you want a true American-made sports car with style, power and performance as well as a touch of nostalgia, then you’ll want to check out the Dodge Challenger!

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