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Grand Prix Sports

Grand Prix motor is the motorsports event competition that is organized in automobile racing.

History of Grand Prix

Grand Prix began in France in early 1894. It evolved from easy road races from one city to a different city to endurance tests for cars and drivers. The time of its innovation, the drivers throughout competitions drove at a speed exceeding 100 miles per hour. In those times the race was to take place at open roads which caused many accidents resulting in deaths of drivers and spectators of the race. Grand Prix eventually evolved into formula racing which also regards formula one sports. The first car race was organized by Automobile Club First state France within the year 1906. The primary Italian car race for Grand Prix was run in 1908. The car racing was national and controlled by automobile makers under the supervision of what came to be referred to as the Federation Internationale First state I’Automobile (FIA)which sets all the specifications of auto racing categories. After 1924 FIA ensured that every car race sport is for open-wheeled, single-seater cars and controlled the engine sizes, fule and other parts needed in the race. The cars for the race of every nation were painted one color for easy identification. Car race became well known worldwide in the year 1950s once world championships for drivers and constructors hence British-made cars were dominant. Championship for Formula one automotive manufacturers was begun in 1955. Up to now, more than 15 car race events are held yearly in countries throughout the planet.

Types of cars which participate in Grand Prix

Alfa Romeo P2

It was designed from scratch in the year 1923 from its previous model P1 which had a big disappointment. Once its completion, it won its 1st race within the year 1924 and continued winning for the next six years in one form or another. It was modified for a season in 1930 and entered again to the race that year. Up to now, only six P2 models survive and they can only be seen in the Alfa Romeo achieves in Arese and at Turin Automobile Museum.

Mercedes W 154

Was established purposely for car racing in the year 1938 with specification of capacity of 30000 cc for super-charge engine and 4500 cc for normal cars with minimum weight. Its engine uses a special mixture of fuel which contained nitrobenzene, sulfuric and methyl alcohol.

Porsche 804 F1

Porsche started to participate in the formula one race in the year 1959 when they manufactured 4 cylinder car races which was derived from their RSK sports car. It had a maximum engine of 9200 rpm and suffered sharp severe drop-off.

Other types of cars including:

Napier 30-40 HP

Renault 1906 GP

Tyrrell-Ford 002

Honda RA273

Fiat 130HP F-2

Ferrari 375

And many more.

Champions who have won in the Grand pix are;

Nigel Mansell

He was born in British in the year 1953, He was a racing driver and he won its first Grand Prix in the year 1992 world championship and also won the CART Indy world series in the year 1993.

Jackie Stewart

He was born in the year 1939 in Scotland. He participated in Formula one racing between 1965 and 1973 and won the three world driving championship. He was one of the greatest drivers in the sports driving history.

Jim Clark

He was born in the year 1968 in Scotland. He won two world championship in the year 1963 and 1965.

Fernando Alonso

He was born in the year 1981. He is a Spanish racing driver who has contested 17 seasons of formula one. He won the 2018-2019 FIA world Endurance Championship with Toyota Gazoo Racing.

Pastor Maldonado

He was born in the year 1985 in Venezuelan. He won its 2010 Grand Prix series championship.

Grand Prix events up to today exist and the current one was on 28th July 2019 in German were Max Verstappen won the race of 64 laps within 1hr 44min and 31sec using a Mercedes-Benz.

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