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Preparing your car for a road trip

We have all dreamt about it: going on a road trip with our friends and family. It is an exciting time where people get to really be one with the road and all that surrounds it. One thing though, that people often ignore about road trips is their vehicles. These are primarily the most important aspects of a road trip. Your traveling, safety, and security primarily depends on how well your car is. So, you have a good driver and a good destination; all you need now is a good car. So, how does one prepare their vehicle to go for a road trip? To ensure they arrive safe, healthy, and on time without any hitches and problems.

Service your vehicle beforehand

There is a lot that needs to be checked and verified by your autodealer before you embark on a road trip. This is to ensure that your car is in the safest state possible. If an auto dealer is a bit expensive for you then you can alternatively do a few checks such as:

Ø  Checking all the levels of your car fluids such as engine oil, brake fluids, windscreen wash levels, and coolant.

  • Checking the well being of your tires. Being that your tires are the points of contact between your vehicle and the road, then you need to ensure they are in a perfect state. The air pressure must be perfect and any worn out treads on tires means an automatic replacement for the tires before the road trip.
  • Check the car’s air filters to ensure its performance and efficiency is improved by the supply of clean air to the engine.
  • Check the battery especially if it has not been changed for a while. If upon ignition the sound of your starter is sluggish, it may indicate a dying battery or corrosion which needs to be changed as soon as possible.
  • Check all the lights of your car. All your lights including headlights, indicators, reverse lights, and tail lights need to be fully functional for a safe driving experience. It is also important to carry spare lights just in case anything happens- especially if your road trip will be extremely long.

Gas up

Before you leave, ensure you gas up properly. Do not gas up halfway especially if you are going on a road you are not familiar with. Imagine running out of gas in the middle of nowhere without no refill station on sight. If you are using an electric car, ensure you charge it properly and that your route and destination have charging stations.

Clean your car

It is very vital to have a clean car while you are on the road, especially for a long time. Have a thorough interior and exterior wash to ensure your car is as clean as it possibly could be. A cleaner car not only makes it as comfortable as possible for its occupants but also makes it efficient on the road.

Ensure you have all auto emergency equipment

Ensure you carry all emergency auto equipment. Any eventuality can occur on the road and you need to be prepared. Have a first aid kit, spare tire, a reflective warning triangle, and any other emergency equipment that might be required by law in the places you are visiting.

Go for a short test drive

Ensure you test your car’s performance by going on a relatively short drive in advance. This will help you know how well your car will perform on the road. Ensure you strike a balance between going for a very short drive that cannot point out any issue and going for a very long one that will waste your resources.

That being said, cars are driven by men. So, as you go for a road trip, be a responsible driver.

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