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Six electric pickups expected to make it to the market

The lucrative market of electric pickups is increasing immensely with automakers preparing to build truck pickups with high charging capabilities. Although electric vehicle sales will not exceed the gasoline cars soon, the numbers have been rising. This battle for the design of the finest pickups is between Ford, Tesla, Rivian, General Motors, Bollinger B2, Bollinger B1 & B2 among others.
Below are the three new pickups that most auto consumers are expecting and they are all-electric.

Tesla Cyber truck
In their tesla website, Tesla Cyber truck pickup is described as the most powerful vehicle which the automotive firm has ever produced. They believe it will enable them to move to a new class of versatility, speed, and strength that has been made possible by exclusive electric design. On the other hand, many automotive observers say that Tesla Cyber truck is anticipated to be one of the most durable vehicles in the next few years. Although some information about its features is scanty, well-placed sources within Tesla have argued that it is going to be in three categories namely; single-motor rear-wheel-drive model, a dual-motor all-wheel-drive and a tri-motor AWD. Their towing capacity is 3,402 kilograms for single, 4,536 kilograms towing capacity for dual and 6,350 kilograms towing capacity) for tri-motor all-wheel drive. It is said the prices will range between US$39,900 to US$69,900. The production for the All-Wheel Drive is expected to begin in 2021 while for the Rear Wheel drive model in 2022 but thousands of pick-ups have already been ordered.

Rivian R1T
The Rivian electric truck is built with the latest automotive technology to provide comfort and perfect performance on the road when carrying passengers rather than carrying goods. Automotive analysts have argued that the design of Rivian R1T will be a dream that comes true for pick-up enthusiasts because it best suits adventure. The most standard specifications about this electric truck pick up are the fact that it is all-wheel-drive, thanks to its arrangement where each axle is powered by its independent electric motor and the capability to tow up to 11,000 pounds. Another notable feature is that it will be a level 3 autonomous driven vehicle. It also comes with several power levels and different battery capacity which customers can choose from. The manufacturing of Rivian R1T will begin with the 180-kilowatt hour (kWh R1T model in 2021, preceded by the trims in 2022. The company stated that prices will start at US$69,000.

Electric Ford F-150
The Ford auto company has been dominating the pick-up scene for a long period but it has been hesitant in producing an electric pick up. The giant auto firm has announced its intentions to make electric F-150 a pick up. In an interview with CNBC media, the Ford Chief Operating Officer Mr. Jim Farley was quoted saying the F-150 will be in the market in mid-2022. The auto company already announced a partnership agreement with Rivian that is worth $500million. Moreover, Ford made the debut of the first hybrid car Mustang Mach E IN June 2020 and the electric F-150 will be an improved inbuilt version.

Bottom line
The Tesla Cyber truck, Rivian R1T, and Electric Ford F-150 are expected to transform the pick-up truck industry since they will be all powered electrically. These 3 electric pick-ups are worth waiting for and bearing in mind that the automakers have confirmed thousands of pick enthusiasts have started ordering for them before they are released in the market. Those who want to experience the taste of one of them can prepare by saving a reasonable amount which they will use to buy their favorite pick up and use it either for luxury or to transport goods.

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