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Starting car styling? Here are 7 possibilities

Car styling, a real trend in the car world all over the world. Enthusiasts are always adding an extra detail to make their car look even tougher, sportier and more luxurious. But what about novice ‘carstylers’? Are there also more simple tunes? We explain it to you through 7 examples.

What is car styling

First, let’s look at what it actually is; carstyling. Unlike car tuning, car styling purely concerns the appearance of the car. If you go for car tuning parts, then you make the engine run better, for example, but with these modifications comes a sporty look. This is what carstyling is for.


Perhaps the most classic part of a sporty car. The front spoiler is indispensable when you think of a tough car. While you can go for an extroverted high spoiler, there are also more modest lower formats.


Another great example of a tune that is perfect for novice carstylers. The bumper is ideal if you still have little knowledge of screwing to your car, as in 9 out of 10 cases, the front bumper can be attached in the same place as where the original bumper was. A great start!

Lambo doors

You know, those doors that open upwards instead of outwards. Incredibly cool and indispensable if you are a true sports car enthusiast. Note: if you have little experience with car styling, it is a good idea to have it done by a specialised company.

Lowering your car

A real sports car hangs low above the ground. Everyone knows that. A fairly simple operation but the effect is enormous and the look of your car becomes a lot sportier in one fell swoop. Tip: Bilstein UK


This might be an option you won’t easily think of, even though it is one of the easier interventions. Shiny rims or just matt black are beautiful under your car and are relatively cheap compared to other interventions.

Blinded windows

Although you might only be going out to do some shopping you will immediately feel like a real movie star. Blinded windows are again quite easy to fit and will give your car a really mysterious look.

Exhaust system

Now we come to the small details. Although for a car enthusiast, of course, it can mean a lot. A new exhaust under your car can indeed make a lot of difference and give your car another boost!

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