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Tesla Cars

Tesla is an American automotive and energy company that produced electric cars and trucks, energy storage systems, electricity networks, and sunroofs.

History of Tesla cars                                                                                                                                             Tesla Motors was founded in the year 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. The founders started the company after GM destroyed its electric car company. The main aim of tesla motors was to develop an electric sports car. The first Tesla Motors was released in 2008 as a complete tesla roadster and was slightly expensive. Tesla Roadster was sold for about four years and since then it was not manufactured again. In 2012 the company terminated the production of roadster and started its new Model S sedan. The car came up with three different options which estimated the ranges of 235 miles or 300 miles. It can charge at supercharger stations placed throughout the world. The battery had a high-performance acceleration of up to 96 km/h. In 2014 Tesla started its factory the name Giga factory to design its battery in the range of cars and energy storage units. In 2015 tesla released model x car which had a maximum battery range of 295miles(475km). Model X had a high demand hence end up being more expensive. At the end of March 2016, the new tesla model 3 started and in a few days around 232000 ordered. Its first vehicle was released in 2017 and cost around $ 35,000 and runs around 350 kilometers on a full battery.

Different models of Tesla cars.

Tesla Model S

Models S was started in 2012to help tesla to become one of the automakers. It was first delivered in August 2013 in Europe and China in 2014. Tesla went modifying Model s and come up with two different versions: Long Range and model s performance with an EPA range of 375 miles, speed of 155mph and 345 miles, speed of 163mph respectfully. The base price of Long-Range was $85,000 and performance was $96,000.

Tesla Model 3

It was started in 2014 but was intended to be called model E then later Musk announced the car to be called model 3 instead. It was launched in the US in 2016 as an affordable alternative for model S with a low price which the majority can be able to afford Tesla. It was modified to three versions: standard Range Plus, Long Range, and Performance. About 164,000 Model 3 car was delivered in the US by March 2019.

Tesla Model X

Model X was started in September 2015. It was referred to as soccer mom or dad’s answer to the electric car. It came up with unique features like Falcon wing doors which can even dance for you. By September 2016 Model X was ranked as the top-selling plug-in electric car in Norway. It is one of the quickest, seven seats crossover electric cars you can buy.

Roadster                                                                                                                                                                    Tesla roadster started in 2018 and it has been proposed to be returning in 2020. Its aim will be the best and faster electric car on the road. It is expected to have a 0-60mph speed of 1.9seconds and a top speed of over 250mph.

Other models include Model Y and Tesla Semi.

Latest Tesla cars

2018 Tesla Model 3 Long-range

I was introduced to solve a long waiting big problem for Tesla’s. Most of the people can’t afford it since it costs $56,500 but has recognized that the car was good.

 2019 Tesla Model S long Range,                                                                                                                         Model S has a familiar face at this point. Its earlier version started in 2009 and hit the road in 2012. 2019 Tesla Model S has rolled with different changes from its original Model S. Some changes include a range of up to 370miles.

Other Latest model is the 2018 Tesla Model 3 performance and the 2017 Tesla Model X.

Beste Tesla Electric car is 2019 Tesla model S

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