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The Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase

The Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase

Imagine pulling out in a party with that luxurious car. Everyone stop zipping his wine and look at the car that is entering to the party with a style. You can guess what car is it, The Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase. This is a model from Bently. The most luxurious and comfortable model in the family of Mulsanne range.

This one of the car you will experience first-class plane-travel experience on the ground. It has spacious legroom. If you demand, time, privacy, space and being driven by your driver. Then this is the model that gives you that golden opportunity in life.

The interior design is for kings standard. It has an airline-style leg rests which are electronic. These are integrated into the two rear seats. You can have your favourite positions whether reclined, upright, and relaxed positions.

The sunroof is dope. It is large in format but also standard and extends to the wheelbase. It has controllable light from the top, which drivers and passengers can control with ease. The tilting glass pane makes controlling lights easier.

The rear seats are very luxurious. It has a centre console which is well designed and is made of leather, the finest veneer and metal. It divides rear sit very well.

The Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase has a radiator shell which is stainless steel and bright. The bumpers are what you can expect in a luxurious car like this. It is one piece bumper with fenders and bonnet that creates an admirable width.

The speed is what makes this model from Bently outstand from many cars. As well as being a luxurious car and most comfortable car in the world, it gives the best driving experience which is sublime. The V8 engine with twin-turbocharged produces great power of 506 bhp. This power makes this car accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 5.3 seconds. The car can rich a top speed of 296 km/h.

The Mulsanne Speed

This Mulsanne model is designed for sporty luxury. This is a powerful model in the family in terms of speed. It has features that make this model sport speed outstand. It has a beautiful bumper, exterior bright ware, an admirable grille radiator, wing vent and above all a clean look.

It has an interior that outstands from another Mulsanne family. The seats are sport looking at enhancing its sporting abilities. There are diamond-quilted seats, sports gear lever, pads and door pads which are also the sport in look.

In Mulsanne family, The Mulsanne Speed provides incredible speed. It is more than a powerhouse. The engine is on another level, it is twin-turbocharged V8, 6.75 litres making it generate 395 kW power at a rate of 4000 rpm and 1100 Nm. It has the highest torque, making it outstand from other Bentley models because it delivers more 5% brakes horsepower and 8% more than it siblings. This makes it provide a dynamic driving experience which is supreme and refined. It can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 4.9 seconds. This model can reach a top speed of 305 km/h.

One of the best features especially now we are fighting climate change it is its cutting edge engine technology. It reduces the emission of C02 at incredible rate making it compete very well in the car industry. It 18.8mpg fuel consumption is also very credible.

It has computer technology which makes it balance very well on the road. The technology monitors the car 50 times per second. It has a suspension setting which makes it accelerate and attain high speed comfortably.

If you visit the Bentleymotors.com you will be able to see the photos of these model. They have explained very well with photos such that you feel like you are already inside this gamechanger car. All the features are well explained. You will also see the features of the Mulsanne Bentley which is the consummate saloon for everyone.

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