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Why You Should Tune Your Car For Better Performance

Have you ever considered tuning your car? If not, it’s likely that you don’t know why it’s important to do so. Tuning your car can enhance its performance and make driving smoother and more fun overall, so it’s worth the small investment of time and money to learn how to do it correctly. With the tips below, you can learn how to tune your car to improve both its speed and its acceleration—and avoid common mistakes in the process.

Engine Tuning
Don’t neglect engine tuning. It might be tough to think about after purchasing a car, but tuning the engine for better performance can help give you more power in your rides and make it more efficient. However, don’t just go anyplace; you’ll want to be sure that whoever does the work is qualified and knows what they’re doing. Read reviews of the company before going there, or check with other people who have been there before.
One good thing about an engine tune-up is that it doesn’t take much time at all. Tuning should only take a few hours at most – probably less than one day.

What is Forced Induction?
A forced induction system can help get more power from an engine, often by using a turbocharger or supercharger. Basically, there is an intake of air that is compressed then sent to the combustion chamber. With more compressed air available for the fuel to burn, it creates more power and better performance. These systems are usually installed with a bigger intercooler which helps reduce the temperature of this compressed air before it reaches the combustion chamber. Installing these systems will also increase your exhaust gas temperature (EGT), so you’ll need higher quality gas with more octane in order to prevent pre-ignition, pinging, knocking and other types of detonation from occurring during high-load situations like drag racing. Tuning is the process of changing certain parameters on a car’s ECU to make the car run smoother, faster and more efficiently. It typically involves altering settings such as throttle response, boost pressure level and air/fuel ratio to provide optimal balance between low-end torque and top speed.

What are its benefits?
Car tuning is the process of fine-tuning a car engine to produce more power, yield better fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and increase response time. There are many different kinds of tuning: ECU tuning alters the performance settings in a car’s computer; air intake modification adds extra air flow; and chip tuning changes the electronic management settings. There are many reasons to tune your car including increasing power, mileage, reducing emissions and improving your vehicle’s response time. Tuning your car can also save you money because it eliminates the need for other expensive modifications. Most people choose tuning over other expensive modifications because it saves them money and gives them faster results. Tuning is a great way to make your vehicle last longer, give you better gas mileage and help keep the environment clean!

Advantages of using forced induction over naturally aspirated
Using forced induction is a good way to gain power over a naturally aspirated engine. Over time, your car’s turbo charger and other forced induction methods will break down due to the intense heat they create. However, if you take care of them, you can get many years of use out of your forced induction systems. Replacing a broken system with new one won’t require all that much work, but it will cost more than just taking care of it in the first place. If you want to save money on repairing an old turbocharger or supercharger, you should purchase a remanufactured replacement from either an OEM supplier or aftermarket dealer.

Disadvantages of using forced induction over naturally aspirated
Adding a turbo to your car will most likely require modifying your engine or an outside party’s engine for it to work. This can be expensive and time consuming, not to mention the added stress on your engine by producing more horsepower than it was designed for. A naturally aspirated car, however, still produces decent power with less expense. One of the benefits of a naturally aspirated engine is that its design does not change as often as forced induction engines. It also doesn’t need any modifications in order to get better performance from the factory specs. The cost of upgrading a turbo charger is cheaper than that of installing nitrous oxide or adding exhaust tuning devices, but some people may consider these upgrades worth it because they are relatively inexpensive compared to other modifications like replacing your entire exhaust system.

Things you need to consider before you go for it
First, you need to be sure that your vehicle is healthy enough for tuning. If it’s not, and you try to do it anyways, it will have serious negative consequences on the life of your engine and exhaust system. Next, consider how much power you actually want to get from tuning. This is a question that can only be answered by the owner or operator of the vehicle. The reality is that there is no such thing as too much power, just too little power for some people.

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