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Picking the right color of your car

Many people are not aware that the color they choose for their cars says a lot about them. This means when buying a car it is very important to choose the right color. This should come after choosing the engine and the latest technology. Colors make you presentable and respected among your peers. Colors say a lot, for example racing cars, have fancy colors which tells you directly that this is a racing car. That means you need to know some things before you select the best color for your new car purchase.

It worth to note some cars are a bit expensive because of the color. The color you will choose will express your tastes. You need to know your environment so that you don’t choose a car that will be showing you come from a muddy environment every day. To simply choose the best color, you need to employ some thoughts to find out what works best for you by considering the following factors.

Safest color

Many car buyers like bold colors like blue and red. It worth noting that these bright hues colors may end up costing you more money. I don’t like red colors after I read an article by Esurance that police are likely to pull over you if you are riding a red car. You may even end up being charged more by insurance companies because of having bright colors. Other companies charge less for safer colors.

Color Psychology

You need to consider how others will see you or how you will present yourself to the world. Do you want to be seen as trendy, stylish, or sophisticate. It is advisable when choosing a color you choose the one that will help you to blend easily in the crowd and stand out.

What does the color of your car says?

If you choose a white color that most people prefer, you will take you as a perfectionist and innocent.

A black car shows that you are secretive. I think this is why high profile government officials choose to use black color.

A Golden car shows you are successful and the color is associated with prosperity and abundance.

Silver car is associated with feminine energy and it shows you can be mysterious, emotional, and sensitive.

If you like gray color, note it is associated with compromise. You can be unemotional, indecisive, or detached.

A brown car shows you are very friendly yet very serious. The color shows you can be humble, secure, and comfortable.

Repainting your car

If you are repainting your car it is good to consider the tips above unless you are repainting a to appear vintage or old schools. Whether you are repainting an old classic vintage car, you need to be careful with historical accuracy and technology trends in the painting industry. The painting industry has changed slowly for some time. Today old school colors may not cope with fashion painting. Some old painting styles may be difficult to find. If you go for your standard paint in a shop you may be charged more.

Choose popular colors

The most popular car colors are black, red, white, and silver/gray. Others like brown, yellow, and gold are becoming popular nowadays.

It worth to note popular colors like satin or matte will cost you a little extra.

Color model match

When repainting your car, always match your car color to that of the model. This is because the manufactures had researched very well and came up with that color match. You may even find yourself facing legal issues if you change the car color from the default manufacturer color.

I think it is clear how the color of your car has a great impact. Society can learn your psychology from your color. While a sports car may look great when painted yellow, a pick up will appear to look otherwise. Models prefer red colors.

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