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Comparison between buying a brand new car and second hand car

Apart from buying a house, purchasing a car is the other greatest milestone in a person’s life. The big question that many people ask is whether to purchase a brand new car or a pre-owned car. Several things can assist someone to make a solid decision bearing in mind that each has got pros and cons.

Here is a piece to help you get the best deal!

Although the cost of buying a new car is generally high, most of the time there are car loans that can be acquired to be serviced in installments.

A new car will come with a three-year warranty or 36,000 miles. That means in case it develops some mechanical problem it can be repaired for free by the dealer hence saving you the cost of maintenance. It is reliable and the frequency of breaking down is less unlike used cars in that you do not know why the owner decided to trade it.

Besides, a new car comes with advanced technology that has effective safety and other better features that are not available on the used cars. For instance, a 2019 model contains a flashy stereo for 2019 but a pre-owned car of 2017 will have a stereo structure of 2017. Furthermore, new car models have high fuel-saving systems like the 2019 Ram 1500 that has been dubbed the “most efficient pickup truck” because of the eTorque hybrid system. Moreover, other cars have hybrid or electric systems giving them the ability to move for long distances.

Additionally, it is not that easy to steal a new car. This has been made possible by sophisticated anti-theft technology which contributes to a lower price of insurance.

A study done by National Insurance Crime Bureau showed that there was a high rate of Honda Accords in 2012 but the new modern Hondas it’s not easy for them to be stolen since they have tight security features.

Other safety measures include; anti-lock brakes, double airbags and traction control.

It is also easier to order and buy a new car. These modern cars have a higher probability of avoiding accidents.

This is because purchasing a new car does not require conducting extensive research to understand the history of the car. As a result, there is less time that will be spent inspecting the new car, unlike a used car that has to be taken for checks at the garage for maintenance. Most car dealers also help customers in completing all the necessary paperwork making the process seamless.

When it comes to insurance, the rate for brand new cars is lower as compared to old used cars. The new will also have a higher resale value than a used car. In most instances, a better-used car can be sold at 50 percent of its new price. That implies buying a brand new car and reselling after a few years is a fair deal. However, it may depend on which car. For instance, Toyotas and Hondas depreciates at a low rate as compared to the other types

A new car will also have a refreshing smell hence everybody who has driving skills can ride it even if he has some allergy.

Given these points, it is better to buy a brand new car than a second-hand car. This is because a new car has got low maintenance costs thus making it reliable and it has great safety measures. It also has less depreciation value not mentioning its ability to conserve fuel. Finally, a new car has less cost for insurance as well as a three-year warranty in case it breaks down. 

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