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Introducing Our New Feature: Vehicle of the Week

In the world of classic cars and sports cars, there are many different types of vehicles that come with their unique quirks. There are certain cars that you’ll never hear about unless you’re a huge car enthusiast, but there are also some classics that almost everyone knows about. These classics are what we like to call “vehicles of the month.” Each month, we will introduce a new feature on our blog that highlights a specific type of car or another type of vehicle. These articles will be designed to offer readers an in-depth look at these amazing machines, as well as information concerning why they’re so special and where to find one. With that said, let’s get started!

What is a Vehicle of the Month?

A vehicle of the month is any car that we feature on our blog each month. These cars will be chosen for their popularity, as well as their relative fame. We’re not going to feature a 1974 Oldsmobile Cutlass, because it isn’t a particularly remarkable car. But we’re going to feature a 1964 Ford Mustang because it’s a classic car that is instantly recognizable to almost everyone. These vehicles will be chosen by a team of automotive experts at Car of the Month. We will try to feature different types of vehicles each month. There are many different types of cars out there, and we want to feature every one of them! From classic cars to modern sports cars, to everything in between, our goal is to feature it all!

Classic Cars

The classic car is an automobile that is at least 30 years old. These older vehicles are now often referred to as classic cars, with some of the most notable examples from the 1920s to the 1960s. While many classic cars are valuable enough to be considered antique cars, there are still millions of classic cars on the road today. Classic cars often represent the style and design of a certain decade. Many people collect classic cars as a hobby, with some of the rarest models selling for millions of dollars at auction. There are also many classic car clubs around the world that host events and shows.

Sports Cars

A sports car is a small, usually two-door automobile designed for spirited performance. Sports cars are generally characterized by an open-air interior, a light but powerful engine, and great handling. Although sports cars are usually a type of convertible, many models have an enclosed roof. People all over the world love sports cars. There are many unique brands and models of sports cars, ranging from cheap and affordable to extremely expensive. There are even many sports cars that can be driven daily if desired.

SUVs and Hummers

An SUV is a vehicle that is built to be all-terrain and designed to handle rough or harsh road and weather conditions. SUVs are usually built on a truck chassis and come standard with four-wheel drive. There are many different types of SUVs, ranging from cheap and small to large and expensive. Some cars are larger than SUVs, known as Hummers. Hummers were once a popular and well-known brand of SUV but have since been discontinued. Hummers were often used by the military, as well as for various other uses, because of their enormous size.

Trucks and Vans

A truck is a vehicle that is generally used for commercial purposes and to haul cargo. Trucks are larger and more powerful than standard passenger vehicles and may have specialized features such as a lowered chassis and large tires. There are many different types of trucks, including vans and semi-trucks. Many vintage trucks are now considered classic vehicles. Many different types of trucks have become iconic, such as the Ford F-150.


There are many different vehicles in the world, and each brings its own unique history and design to the table. From sporty performance cars to powerful SUVs, there is something for everyone. There is a vehicle for every type of person and lifestyle and finding one that you love is an exciting experience. These vehicles are often more than just a means of transportation. They represent freedom and adventure, as well as a certain type of lifestyle. Whether you want an old classic car or a modern sports car, there is something for everyone. With so many choices, the hardest part is deciding which one you want!

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