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Maintaining Your Car’s Home- Cleaning your garage

Your garage is the home to your car. Just as you take care of your home, to ensure your safety and wellbeing, so must you clean your garage, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your car. So how do you ensure you clean your garage effectively to give your car and beautiful and nice home to live in? Well, let’s look at 5 tips of maintaining your garage to ensure its longevity- both for your car and the structure itself?

  1. Dust and Mop it as often as possible

The garage is one of those regions that accumulate so much dust over time. When a dirty comes into the garage and is driven out in the morning, it might leave large amounts of dirt that needs to be cleaned. Often, because we do not frequent our garages, we leave them dirty and clean them way less often, It is advisable to dust and mop your garage at least once per week. But if you frequent going in and out of the garage, then you definitely have to increase the frequency of cleaning. Just keep the garage as clean as you would want the entire house to be.

  1. Allow for aeration-days

The garage is often a stuffy and dark section of the house. It is only opened when the car is being driven in or driven out. It is very vital that you give the garage ‘open days’. These are the days when you just keep the garage door open as you clean it. This will ensure it is less stuffy and has enough aeration to give it a fresh scent. Garages which remain closed for way to often do not just give out a bad odor, but also become a health hazard.

  1. Ensure you paint and do frequent maintenance

Your garage, like the rest of your house, needs frequent maintenance. Know when to paint your garage through a timed schedule. Repair broken walls and ensure there are no hazards for both your car and you as the driver. Any unrepaired places in your garage could cause severe damage to your car and in turn bring more expenses than just a simple repair in the garage.

  1. The garage is NOT a dumping site

It is typical human nature to dump everything we do not need in the garage. This ends up being one of the most congested spaces in the house. It is very important for car owners to declutter the garage of anything you might place there as a dumping site. Having too much unnecessary things in your garage puts both the vehicle and the users of the car at very high risk. Get rid of anything you do not need responsible. Do not eat into the space of your vehicle.

  1. Know when it is time for a full makeover

Garages need makeovers as well. When there is too much damage, or when the garage has been exposed to too many elements, it could waste away and need a full makeover. This will, sometimes, include taking down the entire garage and constructing it from scratch. This is your car’s home, you can invest in making it secure as secure and safe as possible for your car. In addition, the garage is actually part of the home so if the garage is safe, the home is safe.

These are just a few tips for taking care of your garage. Ensure you maintain a very good environment for your car that can even be habitable for humans in case you have many guests you will need to accommodate. Remember, your garage can also double up as a guest house.

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