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Your BMW Brand

BMW is one of the Motor manufacturing companies whose it’s headquarters are in Munich, German. It’s mostly known for the production of motor vehicles, motorbikes and appliance manufacturers.


BMW company started in the year 1916 in German purposely for the manufacturer of aircraft engines. Their first product was the BMW IIIa aircraft engine which was good in fuel economy and had high-altitude performance. It had the slogan “The Ultimate Driving Machine”. After the first world war, BMW stopped producing aircraft engines and immediately started producing railway brakes, farm equipment, and household items. In 1923 BMW started producing motorcycles, and its first model was R32. In 1928 they started producing cars after the company purchased the Automilewerk Eisenach car company. It was well known for its performance and luxury vehicles.

During the second world war, BMW started producing aircraft engines again for the Luftwaffe. During the war, the company was bombed and its remaining was banned from producing aircraft and motor vehicles after the war. After the war, the company survived through the production of pots, bicycles, and pans. In 1948, BMW restarted the production of motorcycle, the first one being R24. In1952 resumed car production in Bavaria with its first cat known as BMW 501 luxury saloon which was a large sedan. In the 1950’s they expanded their model range to sports cars, sedans, coupes and convertibles. They produced their first affordable micro-car in 1955. In the 1960’s they introduced the BMW new class with a brand new range of models. In 1972 they introduce BMW 5 series midsize sedan range. In 1975 BMW 3 series, in 1976 BMW 6 series and 1978 BMW 7 series. In 1978 they launched BMW first mid-engine sports cars and was the first to be produced by BMW Motorsport (BMW M). In 1984 they introduce BMW M5 and in 1986 BMW M3. also in 1986 they introduced its first V12 engine in the 750i luxury sedan. In 2006 they introduce the first mass-produced turbocharged petrol engine with most engine switching. in 2010 BMW introduced its first BMW ActiveHybrid 7 and in 2013 released its first electric car known as BMW i3 city car. Up to 2014 BMW has gone mile to produce lattes BMW 2 Series Active Tourer multipurpose vehicle. (MPV).

Types of BMW


It is one of the models developed by BMW’s motorsport division produced from 1986 and was based on the E30 3 series. It was derived from other series of models like E30, E36, E46, E90/92/93, and F80. The last M3 model was produced in 2013 in Germany and replaced with M4 in 2015.


BMW X3 was manufactured by Germany automaker BWM since 2003 and it was based on the BMW 3 series platform. Up to now, it is in the third generation of the sports activity vehicle in the BMW markets. It is under the class compact sport utility vehicle, crossover SUV.


BMW Z4 is a rear-wheel-drive sports car first produced by the German carmaker BMW in 2002 at BMW USA’s Greer, South Carolina plant as its first generation. the second generation was produced in 2009 at BMW’s Regensburg, Germany plant as a retractable hardtop roadster. It was categorized under classes Coup.

BMW 700

BMW 700 was produced by BMW in various models from 1959 to 1965 and had the smallest rear-engine. It was successful in class of motorsports and Roadster.

Other types include: BMW 315, 326, 335, Hydrogen 7, BMW F3, BMW 530 MLE, X5 3.0i SAV and many more.

Latest types of BMW.


It is one of the newest model brands manufactured in 2019. It is categorized under the Sports vehicle preferred by SAV.

2019 BMW 2-series

It ranks near the top of Luxury small car class and offers excellent engine performance and handling, posh interior, great safety and user-friendly.

Others latest models: 2020 BMW 3-series, 2019 BMW 3-series, 2019 BMW 4-series, and many more.

BMW has a very big history since when it began and many activities and changes made in between up to now made the company to succeed in each and a very step they made.BMW grew each and every year due to new invitations of new ideas from the management.

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