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Buying A Car

We all have the fantasy of walking into a showroom and buying a car. Who has not dreamt at one time about driving off with their dream car having paid cash for the vehicle and smiling as they join the highway only waking up to the sad reality that the car was only but a fragment of their imagination? If you are a car fanatic, then you have probably had many dreams such as this. Anyway, there is no better feeling than finally buying your car, especially if its the first one. There are a number of things that any car buyer needs to put into consideration before buying their first vehicle to ensure that they do not mess up this once in a lifetime decision.

Know which model you want to buy

We all have different tastes in different aspects of life. There is no place that has enough variety for all kinds of specifications as the automobile industries. As you search for the perfect car to buy, ensure you know the exact car you want to buy, its full functionalities and specifications, its model, and also the year of manufacture. With the advent of the internet, it gets easier to compare and contrast which car will best suit your needs and even get experiences and recommendations from other users. But ensure before you settle on a model you have considered all the factors involved such as:

  • The number of frequent occupants of your vehicle (more passengers require a bigger car),
  • The performance of your vehicle- would you prefer a high fuel consumer or one that is low on fuel consumption? Would you prefer a vehicle with automatic transmission or manual transmission? Would you prefer a 4-wheel drive for rough terrain or just a normal sedan for a gentler terrain?
  • The government regulation on car designs. Different countries have different regulations on car specifications, especially for imports. For instance; there are those that ban above a certain age year of manufacture or even the fuel type used for the vehicle.

Know which buyer you want to buy from

The world has shifted from the ‘salesy’ nature of car dealers to actually having online recommendations on which car dealers are the best to buy from. One does not need to technically just walk from showroom to showroom to find a good deal. Car buyers can just go online and get the best deals on car purchases from verified car dealers. The problem with online car purchase is the kind of anonymity and unverifiability of the transaction. One can end up making a false purchase and be conned of their hard-earned money. Users who are looking for car dealers online should, therefore, be very careful that before they settle on one they do not fall prey to insidious online predators.

Put into consideration all miscellaneous expenses

There exists quite a number of expenses that new car buyers must incur with their purchase. That is why it is important to have extra money at bay for all extra expenses. Otherwise, you might be disappointed at how inadequate your set amount will be for your purchase. There exist expenses such as Insurance and servicing, also gas expenses, and even shipping and freight if you are having your vehicle shipped. Also, for vehicles being brought from abroad, then there exist custom taxes that vary with each country and their laws. These custom taxes could sometimes double the purchase amount.

Well, there you have it. Whether you are a first-time car owner, or you are buying your tenth car, it is vital to have this checklist that will help you in making the right decisions once and for all.

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