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Top 10 Cars that made the best sales in 2020

2020 will be remembered as the year that almost everything was heading south. Especially in the world of business, many businesses will have a hard time recovering. In the industry of cars, some brands seemed to do very well. They made great sales making them very popular. SUVs and pickup trucks were the most popular as the year closed. According to Forbes, among the 20 top-selling vehicles, four were traditional sedans, 11 were SUVs or crossovers, and five were pick up trucks.

By the close of December, the industry made better sales than it was expected, with 5% more sales compared to December 2019.

Many automakers and car consumers can now feel relieved since the industry is not dying as expected. As the vaccinations continue we expect business to go back to normal and the industry to continue growing.

Here is a list of cars that had a showdown of sales in 2020

Ford F-Series

This model has 39 years of success in sales among the ford series. It is the best-selling Ford Series in the US. It comes in two heavier duty versions F-350 and F-250. The 14th generation is considered the best since it can generate a power of 7-kilowatt.

Ford continues to have a great market share making them generate revenue for more inventions.

Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet is an American automobile that is giving competitors sleepless nights. It has many models but this 2018 model big chevy pickup seems to be liked by many. When other top sales cars were making a loss in sales, this model managed to make an increase in sales by 3%.

Ram Pickup

This model was knocked out from second place by Chevrolet Silverado. It is good to note this model has the best reviews from unbiased pickup fans. This Ram 1500 TRX off-roader is new in the market and it is fighting to get into second place.

Toyota RAV4

This is the best compact SUV for transportation if I may say. It has comfortable seats made of leather, Luxury touches, it is hybrid making it consume less fuel. It can serve you 42 miles on battery power.

For good reasons, this is the best non-pickup selling machine.

Honda CR-V

Honda has been making tremendous sales close to Toyota RAV-4. It has a standard all-wheel-drive. It is spacious inside and its hybrid engine makes it compete very well among other hybrid models. Every Hoda fun is waiting for the 2022 next-generation model which you can guess will be more advanced.

Toyota Camry

This sedan was the best-selling in 2021. It is midsized and it is an upgrade from the 2018 model. It has a better driver safety sense and a 9-inch display monitor.

The Chevrolet Equinox

This compact SUV model is another best selling model in 2020. It may not have a competitive interior design making it have an attractive price. Many people who just want a car that is not that fancy consider it because it is simple.

Honda Civic

This is the only Honda compact sedan that made it to the top 10. It is the 10th generation in the civic series. It is a small and official car, with great performance made possible by a turbocharged engine. It is a refined sporty model car. Even though the civic sales dropped, the 11th generation will boost the series sales.

The GMC Sierra

This Chevrolet Suburban sibling was the only one that made it to the top ten bestseller with more than a quarter-million sales. It has a four-cylinder turbocharged. Its interior trim is great with makes it outstanding from other models. The funs of this model are waiting to see how the next model will be.

Toyota Tacoma

This is small and more popular trucks among the Toyota trucks. It is the best selling mid-size Toyota pickups. The model dates back to 2016 with a few refresh here and there. Many buyers find it competing well between Jeep Gladiator and the Honda Ridgeline.

We will wait and see which models will make it to the top 10 in 2021, which will remain, and which will drop. For more of this information, you can visit the Forbes magazine website where they have listed more 10 models. https://www.forbes.com/wheels/news/best-selling-cars-suvs-pickups-2020/

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