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Speed of a car is one of the considerations when buying a new car or an expensive one. Most, expensive cars are measured by how well they perform in their maximum speed. New Bentayga speed, is a model with the speed worth the money.

It can reach a speed of 190 mph with a max power of 626 BHP. A class-leading W12 engine helps in releasing the power which helps to produce the high speed with a performance that is formidable. This performance does not compromise the luxurious experience of driving.

It has two turbochargers that boost the performance of the W12 engine and ensure it is responsive on time and can provide the needed power whenever it is needed no matter the environment or the speed. The acceleration responsiveness is dope. New Bentayga speed, is capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds that is (0 to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds) according to the bentleymotors.com official website. This is a very impressive level of acceleration.

Technology enhances the peak which can always be enjoyed depending on what the engine demands making the W12 engine performance thrilling.

The new Bentayga Speed has a sport mode. This is a dynamic addictive experience feature which enables best harmony suspension, great power optimisation, reliable transmission and maximum high speed. This is a new experience compared to the other 3 driving mode that is custom, Bentley, and comfort. Another technology with this model is the start-stop feature which, combined with variable displacement technology, helps to maintain engine efficiency. When part of the engine is not needed at any moment, this technology steps in and deactivates it.

The control of the New Bentayga Speed has a dope Ride system that is dynamic. This means you can control your W12 engine with confidence and comfort. The roll control is an advanced system that works with the speed power to create a great reliable ride without compromise.

There are electric motors in the axles which provide variable resistance when the car is on a high speed minimising the body roll. There is also de-coupling of the wheels feature which boost comfort when driving on straight open environment by minimising torsional resistance.

The brakes are everything when it comes to every car. This model has enhanced brakes performance. They are made of Carbon Ceramic which is optimal. It does not matter the conditions or the environment you are in with your new Bentayga Speed, you can apply brakes without any fear. These are one of the most powerful Brakes Bentley has ever made. They have one of the largest disks with a diameter of 440mm.

Another great feature that makes everyone happy is an all-terrain specification. The new Bentayga Speed can withstand different conditions. The all-terrain feature brings this to another level. With a few buttons, which are simple to use, you can enhance your off-road capability of this model without any struggle. There are no complex system configurations for the driver when changing to off-road.

The distinctive design is inspiring when you see the machine rolling. It has an exterior design with a sports body with a very cool front and rear bumpers. The side sill extensions are very attractive. The headlamps and the tail lamps are admirable since they look sporty.

The interior is the best comfort and unrivalled luxury of the current century. There are unique colours.

The cutting edge connection for this car makes the latest my Bently car services convenient, smart and safe drive. These services can be accessed with My Bently App in real-time.

If you love music then this is the model that comes with the music that you can feel. The Audio system delivers 590W which comes out through the 12 speakers.

There are many features of the car and you can visit Bentleymotors.com to learn more. You will be able to learn that this is a game-changer model from Bently.

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